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Isaiah 40:31

  Manchester United Chelsea actually kick tacit ball? ! Mussina Secret, Barcelona Bayern laugh

Manchester United VS Chelsea ,wholesale soccer jerseys so that the much-anticipated new Premiership season focus of war , but in a disappointing end sound . No goals, no noteworthy exciting offensive , the whole game is only one word to describe : "boring ."


British " Daily Mail " evaluation is even more extreme ,wholesale soccer jerseys online Manchester United and Chelsea played a "Let Old Trafford stink to high heaven ," the ball (stink the place out). wholesale soccer jerseys "A people look forward to a great game, but it is disappointing to surrender the respondents . Those purists fans, this game is a pure failure ."


Some scenes of the game ,wholesale soccer jerseys confirms the "Daily Mail " comment . Manchester United and Chelsea seem to think of how to defend , few dare to put troops into the attack . Whenever an opponent holding the ball in midfield , both red and blue , will shrink in the restricted area near the dense , trying to kill all the space . wholesale soccer jerseys online Manchester United's Patrice Evra rarely pressed on as usual assists Welbeck often the first line of the penalty area closure , Chelsea's two fullbacks plate snake is not the hole, wholesale soccer jerseys Frank Lampard and Ramirez few forward runs , Trident rarely adventure dribbling breakthrough.


The final period some shots , even reminiscent of "understanding "wholesales usa soccer jerseys of the word . Rooney , Azar have a casual heel knock the ball, the ball seems to care about his teammates or opponents ; guards can try the ball , but also for insurance purposes Bigfoot on the bleachers ; inbounds when Chelsea mill grinding Cengceng , the home team Manchester United fast fat gain time no meaning ; wholesale soccer jerseys disjointed rhythm , interrupted for a long time , it seems that both sides are waiting for the end of the game , each have a point home.


Mourinho after the game from exposing Menzhan mystery ,wholesale soccer jerseys the parties strive to win at this point, really do enough . "No one should lose , nobody to do enough , or anyone else who should be strong to win , so I think it is fair to a point. Before the game I said to the players , we want to win, will win the war, However, we first want to lose . " Mussina said," nobody do enough " ,wholesales usa soccer jerseys refers to the two sides in the offensive aspects of caution, do not want to lose, did not dare to attack, in the final stage , it is not seeking aggressive , on the back burner , do not lose as big , so the " understanding" of the achievements of this all points to enjoy a dull war.


Lampard admitted after the game , wholesale soccer jerseys the two teams are thought to avoid defeat. "People are talking about this season is to determine the trend of the game, both teams do not want to lose, no one wants to take risks, we are doing all they could hinder their attack , they , too, stalled a little ."


Careful analysis , both sides content with a point ,wholesale soccer jerseys each understandable place . Manchester United played a more active relative to some, but the momentum up, the Red Devils did not dare to continue to invest heavily , for fear of being Chelsea hit back. Moyes debut at Old Trafford , win the best, but losing is absolutely to be avoided, thus attacking an attack after closing an income, do not have to take the fight to lose one-third of the risk . Can be said that the first round away win Swansea , so Moyes had some clout ,wholesales custom soccer jerseys the field did not compete for third pressure ; Mourinho played more conservative , for him , one of the absolute can be satisfied , after all, is the road to play the defending champion , and has two victories before the bottom, Na Yifen will temporarily top . It can be said , Manchester United and Chelsea before the situation , this will be doomed them to "cheap football kits not lose" as the purpose , rather than plunge competitiveness , attack , when thinking back at any time to go a little slower pace yourself it does not matter , do not rival with up the most important thing , at this point , Manchester United and Chelsea reached a " tacit agreement " , although this " understanding" and they say, fixing a big difference , but also the fans want to see , " daily Mail" said the starting lineup after seeing the fans excited eventually found that they expect the share of wonderful, only stay in the list on paper ( not honored on the court ) .


From the technical and tactical aspects of combat and ,wholesale soccer jerseys if war is the English Premier League Manchester United Chelsea 's strongest team duel , then this level of performance out of the unfortunate . Passing frequent mistakes that no team can organize a decent continuous transmission, less personal breakthrough , a rare spark of genius , the whole 90 minutes are melee and strangulation . In all fairness, as a representative of the Premier League , both Manchester United or Chelsea , now at this moment in terms of competition are difficult and Europe 's top teams compete. Red Devils in the coaching transition period , there has been no strong new signings , midfielder problem forever, although Chelsea came Mourinho ,wholesales replica soccer jerseys but the madman his cards too complicated too messy, there is lack of quality and quantity , the overall running time yet days. New season's Champions League with Bayern and Barcelona largest popular ( odds to win several gaming companies tied for first ) ratio , Manchester United and Chelsea is clearly unmatched , U.S. Blues warm-up match defeat to Real Madrid ( mutual rivalry played before 70 minutes ) is one example , while Friday's Super Bowl , will be the Mushi Premiership wholesales custom soccer jerseys Chelsea and even fighting a touchstone. To play against Aston Villa and Manchester United appearing level with Bayern Chelsea unlikely to breaking the wrist , " Daily Mail" quipped , Manchester United and Chelsea this field showed the fighting , not as good as Manchester City on Sunday to kill that support Cardiff City .















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